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Celebration City

Celebration City

At 1383 State Highway 376

Open April 18 through October 25, 2008 from 3 pm to 10 pm. 

October 24, 2008 update: Celebration City will not re-open for the 2009 season. October 25, 2008 will be the final day of operations for Celebration City in Branson.

Ignite the Night! Evening Spectacular, 9:30 pm nightly; the Midwest's largest Laser & Fireworks spectacular with lasers, water illusions, fireworks and music.

A major newcomer to Celebration City is the $2-million Roaring Falls water ride, which drops visitors five stories. It's part of an expansion at Celebration City theme park. Roaring Falls is a ride where you will get wet! The 50-foot, 55-degree drop starts at the top of "the falls"...and then you plummet to the "river" below where massive waves of water soak you and everyone on-board. It's a welcome cool-down on a hot summer day!

Here's a fun place for everyone in the family, no matter what age. From rides and games to shows, food and shopping, Celebration City will have you celebrating like never before. There's another ride (new in 2007) called The Stinger that lifts you up, spins you around, and each individual car can be spun around even more by you and your friends. Dizzying!

Celebration City has new shows every year, Extreme Parrots! and JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show!, along with the popular Skinny At The Improv. Then have a blast at The Midwest's Biggest Evening Spectacular - Ignite the Night! This power-packed party features your family's favorite music, colorful lasers, dazzling water illusions and fantastic fireworks. You can even view the show with a FREE pair of PyroGoggles. It begins at 9:30 pm nightly, weather permitting.

You won't go hungry at Celebration City. From burgers & shakes and pizza & salad to old-fashioned ice cream treats & desserts, there's plenty of spots to feed the family.

In addition to the Stinger and Roaring Falls, there are over 30 other thrill rides and attractions throughout the park, including:

  • The Ozark Wildcat, a wooden roller-coaster

  • Accelerator, launching you straight up and back down

  • Bumble Bee, a kiddie ride

  • Electric Star Wheel, a classic Ferris wheel

  • Fireball, swinging and spinning over 60 feet in the air

  • Flying Aces, a kiddie ride

  • Flying Carpet, a kiddie ride

  • Flying Circus, where the driver controls the height

  • Freefall, a kiddie ride version of the Accelerator

  • Frisco Line, a kiddie ride

  • Interactive Fountain, fountains that disappear beneath the surface and reappear in another spot

  • Jack Rabbit, a 52-foot steel roller-coaster

  • Orbiter, a vertically revolving platform

  • Paris Wheel, a kiddie ride

  • Remote Control Boats, control your own seafaring vessel

  • Roadside Golf, 18-holes of miniature golf

  • Boxer Jocks, pay-to-play interactive robot

  • Route 66 Speedway, family go-kart rides

  • Scrambler, the spin-out-of-control classic

  • Shoot-D-Chute, a boat ride plunging into a lake of water

  • Slick's Slightly Used Bumper Cars, dodge & bump your way around a small oval track

  • Swing & Twirl, a kiddie ride

  • Thunderbolt, a steel roller-coaster

  • Tilt-A-Whirl, the classic spinning attraction

  • Vintage Carousel, need we say more?

The unique Celebration City Shops include:

  • The Lego Store (new in 2007), if you can dream it, you can build it

  • Baldwin Theater, tintype photography

  • Barber Shop, Airtoo airbrush art

  • Bertie's Beauty Shop, 1950's-style beauty shop

  • Cats Alley, novelty goods

  • Celebration Street Emporium, Celebration City souvenirs

  • Dr. Smiley's Candy, sweet tooth treats galore

  • Electric Light & Power Company, toys that light up and glow

  • Hocus Pocus Magic Shop, magic supplies

  • Otto and Maddies Boardwalk Circus Toys, new-fangled & nostalgic toys

  • Paper Moon, illuminating home decor like candles and lamps

  • Roadside Golf & Gear, everything for the golfer

  • Route 66 Bijou, nostalgic memorabilia from Elvis to Betty Boop and Harley

Open April 18 through October 25, 2008 from 3 pm to 10 pm.

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