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BB King

BB King
This show is no longer active

At the Welk Resort Theatre, 1984 State Highway 165, only 3 miles south of highway 76.

One chance only to see BB King, the King of Blues, LIVE in Branson October 5, 2008 at 7 pm! Reserve tickets now!

One of the greatest and most respected blues guitarists of all-time is performing in Branson! Even though BB King performed his "Farewell Tour" in 2006 (age 80 at the time), he continues to play festivals and shows from time to time. He's had over 15,000 performances during his long career, and he gets to add one more to the count in October in Branson.

You can also see Lucille, BB's signature Gibson guitars.

His R&B chart-topping hits include "Three O'Clock Blues," "You Don't Know Me," "Please Love Me," "You Upset Me Baby," "Sweet Sixteen, Part I," and "Don't Answer The Door, Part I." His most popular crossover hit, "The Thrill Is Gone," reached #15 on the Top-40 Chart in 1970.

Click here for the seating chart at the Welk Branson Theatre.

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