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Port of Lights held at Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, Missouri

Fall has descended upon us once more in the Ozarks, Mother Nature painting the landscape with rich and vibrant hues. This explosion of day-time color continues to draw visitors from near and far, buses filled with tourists anxious to take in the beauty that Autumn in the Ozarks provides.
The feast of color doesn’t end when the sun sets, however Nov. 2, marks the opening of the 2006 Port of Lights Display on Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, celebrating its 16th season as one of the Lake regions key holiday attractions.
“Port of Lights has established itself as a firm and lasting tradition, a delightful experience enjoyed by locals and the thousands of holiday visitors to Table Rock Lake,” said Cindy Morris, President of the Table Rock Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. “With continuing support from volunteers and local businesses the Port of Lights will continue to thrive and richly reward our guests - and regional enterprise - for years to come.”
The three-mile attraction began in 1991 and its presentation of thousands of lights has evolved and grown with each progressive year. The attraction includes a vast multitude of displays. Visitors pass through a 120-foot snowflake tunnel, a 240-foot holly-wreath tunnel, and then take in a wide range of meticulously crafted light arrangements, spanning a broad spectrum featuring traditional Christmas scenes, bits of Americana and Ozark folklore.
“The Port of Lights has received national recognition as one of the truly great light displays in the country and will continue to do so with active community participation,” Morris said.
“Port of Lights offers a unique opportunity for participation by area businesses, individuals and volunteers. It represents one aspect of year-round economic sustainment for the region, as well as a beautiful reflection of our area pride.”
“The Chamber offers a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities - with far-reaching rewards - and we are actively seeking support for this year’s presentation. Volunteers are always encouraged -and needed- to help participate in the production of this wonderful family attraction.”
For further information on how you can help be a part of the 2006 Port of Lights, contact the Table Rock Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at (417) 739-2564 or log on at

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Oct 22, 2006, 11:00 pm

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